Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collar mistakes

 Without thinking I attached the collar of my 50's dress muslin like a shirt collar, trimmed and pressed it.  It didn't look bad, but it isn't the design.

Old me would have come up with a work around rather than unpick it.
 New me unpicked, stay stitched the trimmed edge, and resewed it sandwiched between the shell and facing.

Doesn't it look pretty? Newer me will read the instructions and not get in such a pickle in the first place.

This whole muslin thing is a good new habit, but I can't do all the work just to throw something out.

So see that blue flowery square? Its a vintage crepe(?) that would look dashing as a tiered and scalloped skirt. Don't you think? Those buttons won't do though, so I'm off to dive into the button collection that ate Grassina. 

I don't know where this new perfectionism is coming from, or where it will go. I think blogging  is to blame. I feel beholden to make things well. Heres the big question: Do I really have the patience to make the same dress twice in a row? Or will I throw it all over once I'm past the muslin non muslin?

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