Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drafting, not translating

So I SHOULD be working on a big translation job, but my dress form and this striped fabric have been calling out to me.

So while taking a completely unjustifiable break I did this:
Which is, I think, how one drapes a pattern. (Look at me with my technical terms!)
Its inspired and more than a little based on this pattern but it looked like a good opportunity to try draping and I couldn't wait for the pattern to arrive by post. I feel a little bad though, am i ripping of a indie designer? I'm not selling it, and it wouldn't be any good. Well, if it doesn't work I'll be buying the pattern anyway as it's just so pretty!  I'm thinking vertical stripes, black bias tape neckline and black buttons down the back. I'm even going to muslin. And I'll get back to 50's dress one day. Soon.

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