Friday, February 25, 2011

Prep work for stripey top.

The sewing machine has been largely idle this week, as I've only sewn this muslin from the draped pattern. Its really too cold to be trying on cotton summer tops though, so here it is on the dress form (she really needs a name doesn't she?) Do you see the black cross in the front centre? Thats her belly button. See the green cross a few cms below that? Thats my belly button. What did I tell you? Long torso.

I prewashed my fabric, both the black and white srtipe and the blue floral for the tiered was-a-muslin dress that i will get back too. No shrinkage or colour running. Good.

 Then happy day, these arrived, and they fit and I'm in love.
They're Fly London and were 70% off.

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