Monday, February 21, 2011

Muslin progress and weekend skirt

So my muslin for the 50's dress is now at this stage:
All done except the zip and buttons. And you know what? I've lost interest. This is still just the muslin, for a dress I am excited about, The final version is inspired by this Prada dress (please excuse picture quality):

In this fabric, which I picked up as a remanant in Milan. I think it was intended as curtaining.

So instead of pushing on with something I was becoming meh about, I made a skirt in a weekend! It would have been a day, but pizza and bread making duties (and some actual paid work) pushed it back again.


I drafted the pattern from my italian drafting book, cut, ironed, and topstitched on Saturday, and on Sunday inserted a zip, hand stitched the waistband facing and hemmed on Sunday! I didn't muslin, I didn't mark seam allowances, I didn't even prewash the fabric (though I'm afraid I'll regret that one in time) it felt so liberating!

The skirt was inspired by the fabric, the first that I'm using from my Ulladulla stash; a 5 kilo collection of vintage, bargain fabrics (my three favourite words!) brought back from Australia. A burn test revealed it to be a cotton, though its very smooth, almost satin. Beautiful print.

The urge to do it quick came because these new shoes are on their way, and I think it'll go brilliantly together for spring.Next up: a back buttoning blouse in this black and white striped cotton. Lovely.

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  1. Brava!!love it Andrea! you're def not a lazy bee!!! that would be me! bahhhh