Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi! I started this blog at the end of last year and promptly forgot about it. Not exactly, but I went to Australia for two months and while the internet has reached there, my sewing machine was back here in Italy and the only sewing I've done in 2 months is to hem a pair of jeans, convert other jeans into shorts and trace off a few patterns from some wardrobe staples that were past their best.

But I have been reading blogs and books, and I had an AMAZING trip with my mum to Canberra to see the Ballet Russe costume exhibition. I'll share more about that later this week.

On returning once more to my beloved sewing table, I did something I've been meanng to do for a while, and I'm embarassed to admit has taken me so long to get to.

I measured myself.

Of course now it makes so much sense, to get perfectly fitting clothes is why we sew at home isn't it? But I had just thought myself of standard size, shop bought clothes generally fit, and I generally fit a 10 to 12. So thats what I've been sewing. For years. Out of sheer laziness I never measured myself and have been painstakingly hand making my clothes in the wrong size. So my revelation is...

I have a long torso. Several inches longer than normal.
50's pattern I'm remaking.

So having learnt this, Im now making my first ever muslin, for a dress I have already made and never worn because its the wrong size. This also means my dress form is wrong, so I might get Beppe to do a magic act and saw her in half, I need lower hips.

My first ever muslin, and endangered dress form.
This is good, this is learning. I will try not to think of all the time and fabric I've wasted in the past and instead think of my future of perfectly fitting outfits.

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