Saturday, March 19, 2011

50's dress finished!

I went against all my laziest nistincts and pulled the skirt apart. I cut about a metre off the width, and then ironed, gathered (dental floss), ironed and sewed again.

It was absolutley the right thing to do, as the dress now doesn't weigh a ton and has plenty of twirl to it. I was much more careful with my gathers this time too, distribution and stitching were much better.

So without further ado... the 50's dress!
This must be the first time I have a dress with the waist at my waist, which means breathing without a waistband around my ribs! What a sensation!
Here's me looking demure:
You'd never guess that right after these photos I killed a mouse and climbed a tree would you?
Following Gertie's suggestions I used a horsehair braid on the hem, though there must be different weights, as I don't quite have the 'loft' I was hoping for. The expression is very serious for hem considerations.  

I've started working on several other projects this week, including a blouse, a skirt and a rehabilitation of an abandoned dress, so I'll try to post more this week to get through it all.
I have managed to post a coupleof times on my other blog, the 'work' blog,,, and there's some lovely Friday Flowers from yesterday up there.
In conclusion, I love this dress, and will wear it lots. In closing, the twirl:

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