Friday, March 11, 2011

An amazing exhibition!

I'm sick in bed today, so I can't be modelling my newly completed green stretch skirt. Boo.

But I can tell you about a fantastic exhibition i visited in Australia when I was there.

A friend, Marg, recomended it, and with my dear Mum I made a 6 hour round trip to check it out. A six hour round trip is dedication, and its awesome that my Mum was keen to go. It was most definitely worth the trip and the highlight of my visit to Sydney, both for the costumes and for the roadtrip with Mum. Here are some of the inspiring images of the costumes, which despite being around 100 years old wowed me with their colour, cut and varied cultural references.
A video showed the painstaking restoration of this gown which was destroyed by its time on the stage and years of storage.

Costume for a squid. I've found some gold fabric and blue, so I want to do something based on this..
Designed by Matisse, this costume was for a Japanese themed ballet
The incredible tunic for 'the blue god', amazing detail..
Theres something about this picture.. it's one of the most powerful pictures I've ever seen. This is the dancer Vaslav Nijinsky playing the blue god in the former costume. He's beautiful.

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