Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stripey top nearly finished, and day 1 MMM

The stripey top (which really needs a better name) is finally done. After much foot dragginh to finish it up, I'm right now putting on the buttons and snipping loose threads. I was procrastinating because I needed black bias tape and shiney black buttons to complete it as I had imagined, but of all my enormous fabric collection i had no lightweight, black cotton fabric. (imagine!) And of all my buttons (seen below) I had nothing suitable. Shocking.

But then I found some white cotton, and decided that my original concept was flexible. Sorting through the buttons I found these:
And I was again in motion. Happy day!
So, before the adding of buttons and buttonholes (this required a change of sewing machine) this is where I was up to. Top front:
and top back:
It doesn't sit quite right on the dress form (too short in the torso) but it works for me. 
All I needs do now is crank up the heating and take a photo.

Day one of MMM (me made march) has been a success, with woollen Thai style pants and a brown wool pencil skirt for a work appointment, but if I'm to get through a month of this I need to get cracking on something warmer.
Sadly, its about three degrees here now and snow has been forecast. Sigh.

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