Monday, March 21, 2011

Home finds


I've totally fallen off the wagon with Me Made March (where I vowed to wear something me made every day), but I was back on it today with three homemade pieces to make up for my three days of jeans and other pruning outfits. (Olive pruning has started, see my other blog here for more)

My flatmate was cleaning out an old drawer belonging to his aunt yesterday, and I was able to profit from some of the old fabrics going out. This lady kept everything, from the cuffs of trousers she'd had shortened, to offcuts from reupholstering a couch.

Amoung the best pieces were these pieces of handmade lace, in a beautiful box:
I can see this as a centrepiece to a drapey, silky top
I also scored some interesting fabrics, the first a blue damask. The colours are a bit wrong here because I wanted to show the weave.

The other, a yellow cotton sateen, has a beautiful drape and sheen. As you can see, it's already washed and on it's way to becoming a shirt. Or two. Both of these seem to be offcuts from a tablecloth. The tabecloth is long gone, but these offcuts, thankfully, were kept, to live another day in my wardrobe.

happy monday!

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