Friday, March 25, 2011

Shirt progress and new project

The yellow shirt is taking shape, inspired by the Downton Abbey episodes I've been watching and a new love for lace. What was initially going to be a fitted shirt with the detail in the collar has become a full, ruffled shirt with a yoke and lace detail. Flexibility is good, particularly when accidentally tripling the ease required. Whoops.
I'm happy with how it's looking

The sleeves are also going to be gathered, and I created the pattern for them by cutting up a regular sleeve like so:

Why do one project when you can inefficiently work on two, you ask?
I've had the antique lace stuck in my head and so sketched a top that would show it off under the bust.
the lace

the sketch
It seemed slightly familiar, so I check my pattern stash, sure enough:
the 70's pattern envelope

Yep, totally original.
The good news is that with a pattern I'm less likely to accidently turn a slim dress into a muu muu.
But it could still happen.

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